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Income Tax Preparation

Tax-time can be a nightmare, but it doesn't need to be... We make taxes EASY!


We prepare Federal and State Income Taxes for individuals, businesses, and corporations. We also prepare estate/trust tax returns. Knowing all the nooks and crannies of the tax code is what gives us the edge. We might ask you a lot of tax questions, but that's just so we can maximize your refund.


We are skilled at asking you the right questions to dig up any deductions and credits that will lower your tax liability, and ultimately help you GET MORE BACK. GMB's tax experts get you the best possible refund with minimal effort on your part. We're experienced and trustworthy tax professionals who work hard for every client.


Too busy or unable to come to our office? No problem! We have many convenient service options​, including home visits.


*** Already filed? It's not too late! Let our tax experts review and amend your tax return to maximize your refund. Online/DIY tax software doesn't come close to the MAXIMUM refunds we get our clients. Try us for free and see! ***



If you did not receive your stimulus money in 2020 or 2021, please speak to one of our tax experts to find out how you can reclaim any missed stimulus money on your tax return.


Let us help you correctly report any state and/or federal unemployment and any other taxable benefits you've received. We'll advise you of the impact these items will have on your tax return.


The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) brought the largest tax reform in decades for tax year 2018 and going forward. We've kept up-to-date on all the major changes and how those changes will affect you, our client. Contact us for a one-page summary of the most significant tax law changes from the TCJA.


If you are a college student, money can be tight. But YOU'RE IN LUCK! Our team of tax pros knows how to put some extra cash into your pocket through REFUNDABLE TAX CREDITS FOR STUDENTS.



Receive a Form 1099-MISC/NEC from your employer(s)? Pay job expenses? Don't miss any write-offs. Deducting your expenses can reduce your tax burden.


We have experienced tax pros that will interview you and ask you the right questions to maximize your itemized deductions on the Schedule A.



Saving for retirement? That's a smart move... So is getting your tax credit for it. Everyone knows that planning for your future is important. But did you know that your saving for tomorrow could lead to a higher refund for you today? Good thing you listened to your parents when they said saving money is a smart idea! Kind of makes you wonder what else they were right about... 

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